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    Using basketball to teach middle school students

    8:31 PM, Mar 6, 2013   |    comments
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    HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- Middle school students are learning their subjects by using the Sunbelt Tournament as the foundation.

    Teachers in the Fountain Lake School District are teaching kids about the Sunbelt's history and the geography of the teams.

    The Sunbelt Tournament is also a perfect opportunity to get kids thinking about college.

    Fountain Lake Athletic Director Marc Davis has helped coordinate the Sunbelt's "Adopt-A Team" program. The conference and universities donated some swag for the kids.

    "Each classroom has adopted a school, each women's and men's teams. They've contacted the colleges and universities to learn more about their geography," said Davis.

    Fifth through eighth graders are learning stats and bios of coaches and players. Eighth grader Hayden Beckwith is focused on the South Alabama Jaguars.

    "Their men's team is 14 in 6, which is pretty good. Their men's coach is Ronnie Arrow and is apparently a really good coach," said Beckwith.

    From English lessons on the fight song to free throw statistics in math, it's a fun way to learn about the conference.

    Possibly one of their biggest perks for all this, they get to meet the players they've been studying on Thursday and Friday.
    "I want to hear what it's like to be a student athlete in a Division I school and things like that," said Beckwith.

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