Social Scoop: Sharing your world 6 seconds at a time via iPhone, Android app 'Vine'

    9:38 AM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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    Virtual Drive

     LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - I've always been a lover of video, especially short films. Maybe it's because I seem to be constantly busy and I can't seem to sit down for more than a little while at a time. So, now, here comes Vine, and I can't quite get enough.

    Being a Social Media Coordinator, I read thousands of tweets a day. If I see the word "Vine" in a tweet, you better believe I'm going to click on it. But, what do I look for? What does everyone look for in a Vine video?

    Vine, a Twitter-owned app that was only available on iPhone for almost three months, is a video-sharing tool that's now offered on the Android platform as well, with only six seconds allotted to tell whatever story the filmmaker is telling. They can stop and start however many times they'd like, just by touching the screen, but there are no take-backs unless he or she decides to trash it and start over. For continuous shooting, the filmmaker keeps his or her finger on the screen.

    When I'm scrolling through my feed on Vine, I look for creative videos- ones that visually tell a story in a creative way. And that's what "Editors" look for too. Vine users can see Editors Picks under the Explore tab.

    Vine, like Twitter and Instagram, allows Filmmakers to caption their mini-movies using hashtags. Like any hashtag-friendly social media venue, he or she should use hashtags that people would search, and of course, that make sense to the video. 

    Social Media Today reports that these are the most popular tags on Vine at this time:

    1. #firstpost
    2. #vineportaits
    3. #remake
    4. #cute
    5. #loop
    6. #magic
    7. #pets
    8. #travel
    9. #sports
    10. #food
    11. #nature
    12. #howto
    13. #fashion
    14. #vinefavs

    This was my first Vine video made with sticky notes and a Mates of State quote: 

    Note: Though Vine is not designed for pornographic images, Apple reportedly pushed Twitter to put an age restriction on the app to ensure that children and teens are not using it for ways it is not necessarily intended.

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