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    Winners & Losers: Mar. 25, 2013

    3:58 PM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It's time for another edition on Winners & Losers!

    He's an actor in Los Angeles and works with an improvisational comedy troupe. Still don't know Beck Bennett? He's the over-the-top, stiff, and formal host of those AT&T commercials with the kids. He plays off them beautifully, honoring their thoughts without ever talking down to them. Beck Bennett is a winner.

    The state of Texas, however, is a loser! They don't have one team in this year's tournament. Of course, neither do we. Maybe that's what is making us so unhappy.

    Arkansas is a loser. A Gallup poll has the state listed as the fifth most unhappy state in the union. We're only ahead of Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and West Virginia.

    While we're ranking people, Benton County is a winner. The Arkansas Department of Health ranks it as the healthiest county in Arkansas. Washington, Faulkner, Saline and Boone fall into the top 5 and in the winners' column. Ouachita County gets the loser tag here since they're ranked last.

    Medicaid expansion in Arkansas is a winner. Let me back up. The Arkansas version of Medicaid expansion, whereby the uninsured are provided insurance from private companies, is not how it was originally drawn up, but the Republican controlled legislature has amended it. They have gotten positive reviews nationally from other red states. What appeared like a measure dead in the water at the beginning of the session now looks like it could happen.

    The guy who staged a fake knife attack in Jonesboro so he could fight off the attacker and impress the girl he was trying to date is a loser. She ran off and called police and that's when it all started to unravel. The man would later admit he staged it all. There are better ways of courting a girl.

    But, for attacks that are real, we turn to Arkansas skunks. There have been 37 confirmed cases of rabies in Arkansas, and all but two were caused by skunks. Simply because they have become such a nuisance, I'm making skunks a winner, but I'm not trying to raise a stink.

    Young people all around the state who used Spring Break to volunteer are winners. Some of these young people they were refurbishing bikes. I am willing to bet if you took an actual survey they would be closer to the norm than what our culture wants us to believe.

    Those are all the winners and losers I have for now. The world will make more.

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