Australia robbery suspect slams into glass door

    8:55 AM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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    PERTH, Australia (CBS/Network 10) -- They say what goes around comes around, and how about this for a 'serious' case of 'karma'.

    Having just robbed an elderly woman of her handbag, a thief has been caught on camera making a run for it. But it wasn't quite a simple getaway.

    It's not exactly a great escape. A bag snatcher tries to flee a suburban Perth shopping center, running straight through a glass sliding door. The botched get away was caught by security cameras.

    The man was earlier seen following an elderly woman into a news agency, where he steals her handbag. Seconds later he sprints through the shops, narrowly missing a pot plant, as he slams into the glass door.

    Barley moving, lying injured on the floor, shoppers run to his aid.

    The offenders' accomplice steps in, dragging his injured friend along the ground, through the shattered glass. One person says, "Witnesses say the second man started yelling abuse at the bystanders...even threatening them, saying he was about to get a large object from his car."

    Another man who owns the nearby tattoo store also rushed outside to help grabbing hold of the offender. Despite the man's injuries, he stumbles away.

    The brazen thieves eventually make their escape, taking the handbag with them.

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