Mayflower's Exxon Oil Spill: Viewer questions answered

    2:59 AM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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    Photo Gallery: Mayflower Oil Spill Cleanup

    Video: ExxonMobil answers oil spill questions

    Video: Exxon answers questions about oil spill

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    Local and State News:

    These are answers to some viewer questions regarding the Mayflower Exxon Oil Spill.

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    If oil did not get into Lake Conway, why is there ducks & other wildlife covered in oil?? -Betty Shelby

    Mayflower Mayor Randy Holland said ducks frequent an area drainage pond that oil did get into, and that's why some are covered in oil. Authorities maintain that oil did not get into Lake Conway.

    Can the smell from it harm our health? - Tonya Murray

    Multiple agencies are monitoring the air quality around-the-clock. Officials with the Environmental Protection Agency said people who have asthma or breathing issues should see their doctors, and that it is unknown what effects the fumes may have on people in the area. THV 11 is continuing to ask questions on this matter.

    I am seeing some people say that the media was denied access. Is that true? - Amanda Nash Bradley

    THV 11 has had adequate access to the oil spill. On Friday, there was some concern about letting us into the area that had been evacuated, but we have not been denied access. 

    I grew up in Mayflower and never knew it was there. Is there a place or web site or number to call it get this kind or info? - Chris Wheeler

    Yes, take a look at these maps to see where the pipelines run in Arkansas, and throughout the country.

    Geology.ar.gov: http://www.geology.ar.gov/maps_pdf/fossilfuels/Arkansas_Pipeline_Map_30X30.pdf

    National Pipeline Mapping System: https://www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov/PublicViewer/

    I want to know if the state is going to sue Exxon over the human health and environmental issues due to long term residual effects. - Bre Harris

    "Attorney General McDaniel is meeting with his senior staff to discuss this issue today. He is exploring the nature of the incident and will consider the options available before taking action. It is a matter of public trust to allow oil pipelines under Arkansas citizens' homes, businesses and farm land. Most of these residents did not know the pipeline even existed. The Attorney General is very concerned about this matter." - Statement from the Attorney General's office.

    What type of compensation can residents impacted by this spill expect from ExxonMobil?

    Karen Tyrone, Vice President of Operations for ExxonMobil Pipeline, says the company's ultimate goal is to restore the affected homes to the resident's satisfaction. She says some prelimary work has already began. "We've had a landscape crew already go out and look at conditions of the home, we're prepared to provide designs, we're going to have those landscapers meet with the homeowners to ensure they are satisfied, they will have some input to that," Tyrone said during an interview with THV 11 News.

    How will the rain this week affect the clean-up process?

    Tyrone, with ExxonMobile Pipeline, says crews are prepared to handle the rain. She says they bring specialized equipment to protect the oil containment that's already been achieved. In a THV 11 interview Tryone said said, "We have mitigation equipment and plans in place for rain, so we're expecting rain for two to three days, we have pumps to ensure the levels in the drainage areas that lead to Lake Conway is low, I mentioned earlier Lake Conway is actually physically isolated from these areas."



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