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    Swedish ice hotel beginning to melt

    7:44 AM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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    JUKKASJARVI, Sweden (CNN) -- Starting in April, the ice hotel in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi begins to thaw and the melt water flows back to the Torne River, where its building blocks came the previous winter.

    Located 200 kilometers to the north of the Arctic Circle, the entire ice hotel is made out of snow and ice blocks from the river, with ice bed, ice sofa, ice table and chairs, and even the lights fixed in the ice.

    The ice hotel was first built in 1989 by artists who visited the area and created an exhibition of ice art.

    Beginning from that year, ice artists from the world come to construct the hotel every December, when thick ice blocks are formed in the Torne River.

    When the temperature rises in April and May, the hotel thaws and the water flows back to the river.

    Around 65 rooms are built in the hotel each year. Most of them are standard rooms, but there are also luxury suites of different themes. The luxury suites are beautifully decorated and equipped with sofas for visitors.

    It costs around 6,300 yuan (about 1,014 U.S. dollars) for a suite per night. Each of the common standard rooms costs 3,500 yuan (about 563 U.S. dollars) per night. The lodging expenses are even higher in holidays such as the New Year's Day or the Valentine's Day.

    The temperature in the ice hotel is kept at minus 16 degrees Celsius.

    In order for the visitors to keep warm at night, a piece of reindeer skin is placed on the mattress, and sleeping bags are provided according to their heights.

    Another way to drive the cold is drinking vodka at the ice bar, which also provides rooms as warm as at other hotels.


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