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    Rescuers save llama stuck in mud

    12:36 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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    CANBY, OR (CNN) -- Rescue crews in Oregon saved a llama that got trapped chest deep in mud Tuesday. The 15-year-old llama named "Sergeant Pepper" apparently stumbled off a trail and got stuck.

    It was a precarious predicament Sergeant Pepper the llama unknowingly plunged right into. A predicament that had even fire crews puzzled. Chief Troy Buzalsky says, "In Canby we've had a cow fall through a well, horse fall through bridge, in my career first llama rescue."

    At first crews thought they may need heavy equipment to pull the 15 year old 350 pound llama to good solid ground but fortunately for Sergeant Pepper, it wasn't mike harms' first rodeo. He says, "Just finished 49 years in practice and you get to see a lot of things."

    The vet the town of Canby has grown to call "just doc" thought to himself to just sedate the llama and roll him out of the muck like a log. Harms says, "How you can help them help themselves, and lucky it wasn't a cow weighed 1000 pounds."

    And once crews began the slow rotation of Sergeant Pepper, it took a mere 24 seconds to ooze him out of harm's way. Harms says, "Legs were down there, it was really thick, stuff us farmers used to call boot suckin' off mud, pull your boots off when you step into it. And-that's basically the kind of gumbo stuff she was in."

    And while he was heavily caked in mud and under sedation, Sergeant Pepper appeared to be okay, even enough to gaze up at his exhausted rescuers and to lift his head for some hay. Buzalsky says, "Other than just venturing a little bit off the trail, I think it was just an interesting day in a llama's life."

    "Sergeant Pepper" has no broken bones and appears to be fine.

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