Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly fight for gun control

    8:24 AM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) - Gabby Giffords continues to fight for gun control. The former congresswoman and her husband started "Americans for Responsible Solutions". The group's goal is to help reduce gun violence. CNN sat down with both of them for an exclusive interview about their efforts.

    The Sandy Hook shooting in December spurred Gabby Giffords and husband Mark Kelly to take a stand. The brain damage from Giffords' own gunshot wound makes it difficult for her to find words, even Sandy Hook.

    The couple originally called for a ban on assault weapons and limits to high capacity magazines. Giffords made a dramatic plea to senators. She says, "Be bold, be courageous. Americans are counting on you."

    But they now admit there are limits on what is politically realistic. When asked, "If you were to name the number one thing that Congress could do to prevent the kind of violence that you were the victim of, what would it be?" They both respond, "Background checks."

    Giffords has learned to navigate an iPad for email with her left hand, because her right hand is paralyzed. But most of her communicating with former colleagues, pressing them for new gun laws, goes through Kelly mostly on the phone.

    CNN reporter Dana Bash asks Giffords, "I've seen it written that there's irony, that you are such a good spokesperson for new laws to curb gun violence because you can't speak very well." She responds, "Yeah, I guess that's kind of maybe, maybe it's bad irony, I don't know. It's you know, it's something that..."

    There is no question the gun culture is deeply ingrained in Giffords. Even after her near fatal shooting, she still owns a gun which her husband uses in target practice with her looking on. Bash says, "What's it like to sit and hear the gunshots go off? Does it, does it startle you?"

    Giffords responds, "No. No." Kelly adds, "Well, I think that's because Gabby doesn't remember the gunshot going off the day she was injured, right? You don't remember that?" Giffords says, "No."

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