Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood opens art exhibition

    8:38 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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    LONDON, UK (CBS) -- Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones exhibits a collection of his work at a gallery in London.

    Most associate Wood with the veteran British rock group - along with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts. However, art has been also been a constant in his life and before his musical career kicked off, Wood attended art school in London.

    His latest exhibition comprises a series of sketches and canvases of the world-famous Rolling Stones including individual portraits and group pieces.

    Wood says he has many influences ranging from Rembrandt to Carvaggio. "Well from my early childhood influences of Rembrandt and Caravaggio, I love to carry that through - Picasso and all the expressionists and impressionists and all the styles I've soaked in over the years. It's a bit like the music, you know, you get influenced by the blues and soul and classical and you mix it all up and it comes out your way," he said.

    For Wood, music and art are not only a relaxing form of expression but also spiritual.

    "I'll get the musical mode when I'm on tour and I might do a few sketches but it's mainly concentrating on the music. Then when the tour is over I can relax and I find myself getting the brush out and it's very spiritual - you know, music and art is very relaxing to me," he said.

    The Rolling Stones will play Glastonbury music festival for the first time, organizers announced in March, joining Arctic Monkeys and folk band Mumford & Sons as headliners at the three-day June event.

    The appearance by the veteran British rock group followed weeks of rumours that the Stones, who in 2012 celebrated 50 years in the music business with a handful of concerts, finally would play at Glastonbury, one of Europe's biggest music festivals.

    "Glastonbury is going to be something pretty special, I'm sure (REPORTER SAYS: whatever the weather) Whatever the weather. Even the helicopter's got wellington boots on it!" said Wood.

    Following their appearance at Glastonbury, the Stones are then scheduled to return to Hyde Park in July for a concert that will be their first performance there since 1969.

    It was at that 1969 performance that Wood says he knew he wanted to, and would be a member of the Rolling Stones.

    "Yeah, very big year and quite important for the Stones to go back there. I remember meeting them on the perimeter of the park in '69 when they played there and they said 'hey! we'll see you soon' and I said, yeah, sooner than you think!," he said.

    "I always thought I was going to be there. I always knew it. (REPORTER ASKING: you always knew it?) yeah, in the back of my mind - you know it's ambition - that's what you gotta have kids! (REPORTERS ASKING: you always knew you'd be with the Stones or performing at Hyde Park?) Be with the Stones. But it was at Hyde Park back in '69 when I had this thought: I'm gonna be in that band. And it will be a nice full circle for me to play it with them," he continued.

    Tickets for the July 2013 Hyde Park concert sold out within minutes of going on sale. A second date has been added since.

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