Craig's Twist: Who to blame for ExxonMobil oil spill

    10:50 PM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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    I found the guy who is responsible for the Mayflower oil spill. He's in the THV 11 studio.

    He is a part of the root cause of the pipeline rupture that has captured the nation's attention.

    It's me. Oh. and it's you. It's all of us.

    We demand gasoline to get to work, to fuel the trucks that deliver our food and our necessities of life. The advertisers on THV 11 who support this station need it so people can buy the goods and services and automobiles and trucks that are powered by it.

    ExxonMobil was just delivering what we demand, as cost efficiently as possible.

    No, I'm not Exxonerating (get it?) them. No, the rupture is their responsibility. To clean, to pay, to protect ... and they will.

    Even Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and the army of lawyers, whose cars were powered by the gas that comes from oil that moves through the pipeline, will make sure they do.

    But as the news continues to gush, though we all may be miles and miles from Mayflower, we still all had a hand in it.

    It's not just Exxon that pays. We all do.

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