Krystal Campbell killed in Boston bombings, family speaks out

    8:28 AM, Apr 17, 2013   |    comments
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    BOSTON, MA (CNN) -- We're learning more about the Boston College graduate student killed in this week's blast. Krystal Campbell's identity was released Tuesday.

    Krystle Campbell's mother Patty was so overcome by grief as she stood on her front porch; each word was a struggle. She says, "We are heartbroken at death of our daughter Krystle Marie. She was a wonderful person and everybody that knew her loved her. She loved her dogs. She had a heart of gold, she was always smiling from, you couldn't ask for a better daughter."

    A family spokesman finally had to read her statement and say what she could not. Family spokesman Brian Kenny says, "Everyone who knew her loved her. She was sweet and kind and friendly, always smiling, she worked so hard at everything she did."

    Krystle Campbell's story is a tragic case of mistaken identity. The 29-year-old had gone to the marathon with her friend. Both were caught in the first explosion.

    Her parents say doctors at Massachusetts General told them their daughter survived and they were trying to save her leg. When Campbell's parents were allowed to see her, they discovered it wasn't her at all but her friend. Patty says, "I can't believe this happened. She was such a hard worker in everything she did. This doesn't make any sense."

    Campbell described as sweet and kind by those who knew her here at the restaurant where she worked. Nick Miminos says, "She was likeable...hardest worker, got in the trenches...a very popular manager."

    A devastating mix-up leaves a grief-stricken family wondering how it all could have happened.

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