No straps? No dancing, N.J. middle school principal says

    8:27 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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    READINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (USAToday)- The eighth-graders' annual dinner dance here has become a lesson in civil liberties and gender studies after a middle school principal banned strapless dresses.

    She considers them too distracting for boys.

    But parents, not rebellious teens, are the ones fighting this dress-code ruling at Readington Middle School.

    "I'm objecting to the fact that government can come in and change the rules without asking parents. That's an abuse of authority," said Charlotte Nijenhuis, who plans to petition the Readington Board of Education to suspend the rule. She called the rule arbitrary, sexist and a violation of her daughter's 14th Amendment rights to due process and equal protection.

    Plus, strapless dresses were allowed in previous years, parents said.

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