TRENDING: Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop deals justice; Teen gives up dream to save a life

    6:21 PM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV ) - Time for a look at the most discussed stories online!

    Tattoo parenting, Obama-style

    When asked what would the Obamas do if their two daughters wanted tattoos, the President said he and the First Lady gave them a promise in the hopes of keeping them away from permanent body art.

    He said he told his girls that if they ever got tattoos, he and his wife would do the same and show them off as a family on YouTube.

    He expects the threat will dissuade them from thinking that tattoos are a good way to rebel. What do you think?

    Mormon Bishop Stops Mugging With Samurai Sword

    Here is the crazy case everyone is talking about today. A samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop decided to take justice into his own hands by chasing down a man mugging a woman.

    Kent Hendrix jumped out of bed Tuesdsay and grabbed his 29-inch sword after his son woke him up, yelling someone was being attacked outside their home.

    He managed to scare the attacker away, and in the process, he got the guy's license plate and found his Chapstick. After the story made headlines, the suspect ended up turning himself in.

    While Hendrix is making headlines for using a sword, another neighbor also fended off the suspect with a bat.

    USA Today: Ousted anchor lands 'Live With Kelly and Michael' job

    Sometimes achieving the American Dream can be as easy as getting fired from your job.

    Local news anchor AJ clement has turned his foul language on air gaffe into a hopeful situation. The North Dakota anchor was fired earlier this week after his first ever newscast began with two explicit words.

    Since then, his fame has gone from rural North Dakota to now internet and national star. He's appeared on radio shows, the Today Show with Matt Lauer, Kelly and Michael, and Wednesday night, he is expected to be on the Late show with David Letterman.

    Clemente said he fully expected to be fired, but he has already received a second chance. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan offered him a reporting gig on their show.

    I'm sure the world will wait and see how that goes.

    Track star quits team to save a stranger's life

    For millions of young adults, playing college sports is a dream. Cameron Lyle gave up his dream that he worked on for 8 long years, but he is far from a quitter. Cameron gave up his dream, so he could save the life of a complete stranger.

    Two years ago, the track and field star joined the bone marrow registry. And, just a few weeks ago, he found out he is a 100 percent match for a man who has just been given 6 months to live.

    Without hesitation, Lyle left the team to begin the donation process, and his coach is perfectly fine with the decision. In fact, every year he encourages his players to add their names the registry.

    Cameron will become the second player he has coached to be a match.

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