Caught on tape: Van crashes into NY deli

    7:08 AM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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    BROOKLYN, NY (CBS) -- The surveillance video is jaw dropping. Two young women on a jog narrowly escape with their lives when a van loses control and smashes into a corner deli at 5th Ave. and 9th St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

    Dutch tourist Caroline Dejong is the jogger in pink in the video. She shutters to think of how her New York visit could have ended with one misstep. She says, "I feel really lucky."

    Also lucky was Ali Dahan. He was behind the deli register when an indoor surveillance camera captured the moment the white van plowed through the storefront, he jumped for his life. He says, "That's life right there! No joke! Thank God I am alive. Thank God there was nobody in the store!"

    Witnesses say the white van was heading north on the avenue when this blue van ran a red light, clipping the white van which then swerved out of control and into the deli. Deli owner Mohamed Almerdie says, "It's impossible, amazing, I can't believe this happened like this!"

    Dejong says, "We were very lucky because there was glass everywhere, but we didn't feel anything. "

    Within hours, Glass, bricks and debris from the accident were cleared away and the shop was open for business again.

    But store owner Mohamed Almerdie is grateful for so much more. He says, "The main thing is everyone is alive, Thank God!"

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