Today's Home: Redesigning the bathroom

    7:16 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms in your home, but they're also one of the most used. The designs in bathrooms cannot only impact how they look but can also affect how well they function for you and your family.

    I visited a designer house to grab up some ideas on how to give one lucky bathroom a whole new look.

    Most areas do have some type of designer house. These come in handy if you want to remodel your home and need some ideas. This house has six different bathrooms, which were all put together by different designers so you get six different looks.

    For example, one of the bathrooms is all about bright color, and it is one of my favorites! It has lavender walls and small details like two different sized mirrors. One is large and one is a little bit smaller. I love that. Then the size of the light fixture can't get any better than what they've chosen.

    But, maybe you are a little more elegant. Another bathroom in the designer house is all about the beige and the golds. It's very clean, very simple, and very elegant.

    Maybe you want a little more masculine look. Another bathroom has navy blue, which is suchan awesome color. It's coming back into style, and paired with a little bit of a Santa Fe flavor to it, it can be very masculine and also cozy.

    If you want to play it safe a little bit, and you want beige, you may want to go with a bathroom with contemporary elements. The one in the designer house has a great concrete oversized pedestal, which I love. It's unexpected, and it's just very soft.

    Now all four bathrooms give you four completely different looks, and you can do this in your house, too. If you visit a designer house, you will get so many different ideas.

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