Kids can join 'Cyberhero League' to learn, make new friends

    5:33 AM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A Russellville psychologist has created an interactive game called "Cyberhero League." It allows kids to help others around the world while playing games and learning social responsibility.

    Dr. Dana Klisanin joined us on "THV 11 This Morning" to talk more about this game.

    Last year psychologist Dr. Klisanin received the Early Career Award for Scientific Achievement in Media Psychology from the American Psychological Association for her pioneering research on the cyberhero archetype.

    Now, she's bringing her research out of the academic journals to the global community in the form of an interactive game designed to encourage the rise of cyberhero behavior.

    Dr. Klisanin describes the game, as "an interactive scout-like adventure designed to encourage the rise of cyberhero behavior in society." The cyberhero is the antithesis of the cyberbully. Rather than using digital technology to harm others, the cyberhero uses it to help other people, animals and the environment.

    The cyberhero has characteristics of heroes and superheroes. Like heroes, they take action to help people in the real world. Like superheroes, they have superpowers that arise from using the Internet, including speed, bi-location, and shape-shifting.

    Instead of earning fake badges, players win the right to display the badges of real nonprofit organizations they've apprenticed with during game play. Game play results in the contribution of charitable items to the game's nonprofit partners.

    More than a dozen nonprofit partners are lending their expertise, including Center for Biological Diversity, Charity: Water, Earth Charter, Heroic Imagination Project, International Dark-Sky Association, Pachamama Alliance, Reef Check, The Converging World, Raincatchers.org, and the World Futures Study Federation. The list of nonprofit partners is rapidly expanding.

    In order to continue development, a crowd-sourced funding campaign is underway. Anyone who wants to put on a cape and save the world through gaming can get a spot by supporting the Cyberhero League's Indiegogo campaign. When the crowdfunding campaign is finished, supporters will be given their passcodes to adventure.

    The Cyberhero League was a winner in the World Future Society's Beta-Launch Tech competition in 2012. Combined, the development team has 25 years experience in the entertainment industry working with industry giants including Disney, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers.

    Watch the trailer here: http://vimeo.com/64925927  

    And for more information: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cyberhero-league/

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