Guy creates shirt that never needs to be washed

    9:14 AM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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    NEW YORK (CBS) -- A new shirt could make laundry a thing of the past. The inventor claims it never wrinkles and he says it can be worn over and over, without being washed.

    He calls it the Better Button Down. Marketing grad Mac Bishop, 24, claims to have created a shirt that not only looks good, but is soft to the touch, resistant to wrinkling, and odor free.

    To prove it, he wore this shirt for 100 days in a row without washing it. Bishop says, "I've ran four miles in this shirt, biked five miles in this shirt, I've thrown it on after a basketball game and still, it airs out. It's the miracle fiber; it has a lot of hidden properties that not a lot of people know."

    That miracle fiber is wool. The kind bishop uses is over three times thinner than a human hair. He claims this is why his shirts are extra resistant to moisture, making them the perfect garment for people on-the-go.

    To bring his vision to life, bishop turned to the online fundraiser 'Kickstarter.' in just over a week, over 1,700 supporters have helped bishop raise over $250,000, nearly ten times his original goal.
    And what's in it for his supporters? A self-cleaning shirt to call their own.

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