Story behind Sherwood's 'Sign Guy'

    6:09 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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    Kevin Johnson is Sherwood's "Sign Guy". (Photo: Meredith Mitchell/THV 11 News)

    SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) -- He could definitely be considered a mover and a shaker. The man known as the Sherwood Sign Guy has taken on quite a following.

    His smile will brighten your day, and his dedication to his work will inspire you. Along Highway 107 in Sherwood, a man by the name of Kevin Johnson said he takes pride in shaking his sign and bringing smiles.

    "My mom and dad taught me and raised me," he said, giving credit to his parents for his work ethic.

    "It's pretty exciting. I have folks blow by. They honk at me and wave. I wave back," he said.
    Johnson has become a familiar face to motorists passing by. Nearly every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., he stands in front of Central Arkansas Mattress with his headphones on and full of plenty of energy. His music keeps him moving.

    "I listen to all kinds of music," he explained. "Three Days Grace."

    Johnson began shaking signs in 2006 for a pizza company, and then moved across the street, where he said he now promotes his own advertising business along with the mattress store.

    "I do birthday advertisements, garage sales and other events," he listed.

    He said he does his job with one goal in mind--to make people happy.

    "I heard people telling me that I do a great job. That they like seeing me out here every day," he explained. "I bring in business. That they stop because of me."

    Johnson said it's the community that keeps him coming back every day, and he's even built a friendship with the mayor of Sherwood.

    Kevin said during the hot months he does take frequent breaks. Motorists driving by and the Sherwood Public Works Department make sure he's well hydrated. He says they provide him with water and the occasional Sonic slushy.

    Johnson hopes he leaves a legacy of kindness.

    "I hope people remember me, like being kind to others," he explained.

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