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    TRENDING: School cafeteria goes all veggie; Cancer patient's wish granted

    6:40 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It's time for a look at some of the most talked about stories online today.

    Ice Cream Truck Turf War: Sno Cone Joe stalked Mr. Ding-A-Ling, N.Y. police say

    An odd rivalry is brewing in New York. Rivalries happen in sports, in politics, and between siblings, but this one is about a battle between ice cream truck drivers.

    Mr. Ding-A-Ling driver Phillip Hollister said he was followed by the owners of competing ice cream truck Sno Cone Joe blasting their music and shouting free ice cream to potential customers. At times he also claims the other truck got aggressive, claiming they control the ice cream market in Gloversville.

    It got so bad that police arrested Sno Cone Joe owners 21-year-old Amanda Scott and 34-year-old Josh Malatino for harassment and stalking, and it's not the first time this issue's come up.

    New York school goes all-vegetarian

    Here is an interesting choice. A New York City elementary school has adopted an all-vegetarian menu, serving kids tofu wraps and veggie chili.

    Public School 244 is the first public school in the city to go all-veggie. PETA said it might be the first all-veggie public elementary school in the nation.

    The principal said he is proud of the "trailblazing" school, and so far, the response from kids in the 400 student school has been pretty positive.

    They started serving a vegetarian lunch three times a week, then increased it to four times a week, and recently went all-vegetarian.

    Principal Robert Groff said the kids gravitated toward veggie offerings, including black beans and cheddar quesadillas served with salsa and roasted potatoes.

    Think it could work in Arkansas?

    Weatherman Hiccup News Blooper

    In this business, you have some good days and some bad ones, and this weather man was definitely having a bad one.

    David Paul is the chief meteorologist at KHOU in Houston, and this week, he struggled to get through a report about severe weather because of a case of the hiccups.

    Hiccups are a TV person's worst nightmare aside from uncontrollable. He eventually pulled through, but man, you've gotta feel bad for him.

    Child fighting cancer scores 4 goals against Portland Timbers in Make-A-Wish game

    This last story proves sports heroes can come in all shapes and sizes.

    After missing his team's final soccer match last season because of cancer treatment, 8-year-old Atticus Lane-Dupre made sure his teammates were in on his wish to scrimmage against Major League Soccer's Portland Timbers.

    The Timbers and Make-A-Wish Oregon treated Atticus' team, the Green Machine, to a game, but 3,000 soccer fans wat5ching the game made sure this wish was more than special.

    The Green Machine beat the Timbers, 10-9, and Atticus scored 4 goals, including the game winner.

    Afterwards, the team lifted Atticus in celebration, but he said he was just happy to enjoy the moment with his team.

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