TRENDING: Depantsed baby steals the show; First dwarfs finish Boston Marathon

    7:34 PM, May 3, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here are some trending topics from the web!

    Reese Witherspoon arrest dash cam video

    Reese Witherspoon wasn't kidding when she told GMA she was "saying all kinds of crazy things" during her arrest

    TMZ has obtained the dash cam video from the night she and her husband were pulled over in Atlanta. The footage shows the officer arresting Reese's husband for DUI on April 19.

    Reese, who since admitted they had too much wine at dinner, refused to stay in their car

    Witherspoon later talked to another state trooper and even went as far as to say she was pregnant, which is a lie.

    She pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct and had to pay a $100 fine. Her husband, who can be seen in the video telling her to stop, pleaded guilty to a DUI. He's been placed on a12-month probation.

    Fan holding a baby makes a sweet catch at Houston Astros game

    These next two stories have an odd connection. Both deal with Houston sports teams, and both have a baby involved. First up is for baseball.

    Thursday night, in the 13th inning between the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros a foul ball flew into the stands. A man in the crowd made a very impressive snag with a baby in his arms, and the mom didn't look to upset that he made the catch either.

    The game was in its 5th hour, and the baby was still awake and alert.

    Watch This Baby Steal the Houston Rockets Postgame Show with Pants Down

    Not to be outdone, a baby in Oklahoma City took the spotlight during the post game show Wednesday.

    Rockets analysts were talking about the Game 5 win when a wondering child decided to walk into the shot with his pants around his ankles.

    We're guessing that wasn't included in the pre-show production meeting.

    The sports guys were of course unaware the whole time.

    First dwarfs to run Boston Marathon finish the route

    Through tragedy, the Boston Marathon has brought us amazing stories of the human spirit, and one of them happened this week.

    Juli Windsor and John Young were hoping to be the first little people to run the Boston Marathon. Like thousands of others, they had their paths blocked when the bombs detonated. Both were just half a mile from finishing.

    Well, this week they completed the task they set out to do and crossed the finish line.

    John said he wanted his son to have a positive memory of the marathon. John broke down in tears as his son gave him his medal.

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