Winners & Losers: May 6, 2013

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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - We're boiling down the news into its essence with a thing we call Winners and Losers, and in Monday's edition, we're turning iron into gold.

    Iron Man 3 had the second largest debut weekend in Hollywood history. Winner! According to Hollywood.com, the movie pulled in $175.3 million. For the record, 83 percent of movie goers who saw it, liked it.

    From blockbuster to ceiling buster, we go on to our first loser for this segment. Two Georgia men fell through the ceiling of a movie theater bathroom trying to spy on women.

    Moving onto something more pleasant, the town of Beebe is a winner. The Chamber of Commerce hosted a wonderful dinner where Mayor Mike Robertson received a lifetime achievement award.

    Ouachita Baptist is the home of our next winner. McKenzie Crawford, of Irving Texas, was the first ever winner of the Matt Turner Award that goes to an outstanding junior in mass communications.

    Robinson Elementary is a winner, too. Once a month, all year long, All Pro Dads have gotten together with their kids for coffee, donuts, smiles, cookies and good times.

    The Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at UAMS is also a winner. The Mint Julep Jaunt brought out stylish hats and a tremendous afternoon of fund raising built around the Kentucky Derby. Everyone there was in awe at yours truly picking the winner, Orb.

    The next winner up is the Harmony Clinic. A night of Bollywood at Connor Hall at Pulaski Academy campus was dedicated to the Harmony Clinic, which provides healthcare for those in need.

    Texting is a loser. According to CITA, the wireless industry association, texting last year was down five percent; however, we all still average 19 texts a day.

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