Paron-Owensville Water System asking customers to conserve water

    5:15 PM, May 31, 2013   |    comments
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    From Paron-Owensville Water System:

    PARON, Ark. (POWS) - The Paron-Owensville Water System is asking their customers to try and conserve water until further notice.

    According to the water company, it's watersource, the North Garland County Water District, has shut of water to the Paron-Owensville system due to problems on North Garland's system.

    In order to prevent the system from going dry, an emergency connection is being made with the help of Water Users and South West Water.

    Once that connection is made POWA will be required to be on a precautionary boil order due to the emergency connection. All drinking water should be boiled for one minute before consumption.

    A water treatment plant is under construction on the Paron-Owensville system to prevent this type of emergency in the future.

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