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    Michael Jackson's daughter overdoses, cuts wrist

    6:28 AM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- Sources close to the Jackson family say Michael Jackson's daughter Paris was rushed to the hospital after cutting one of her wrists. It happened early Wednesday morning.

    "A cry for help" is how some family sources are describing a possible suicide attempt by Paris Jackson. Paramedics rushing to the Jackson family home, a suicide hotline counselor called 911 after getting a call from Paris.

    911 responded to Jackson's home at 1:27 am Wednesday morning for the "possible overdose" and a cut to one wrist. The dispatcher says, "Calabasas, Female. 15, OD'd on 20 Motrin and cut her arm with a kitchen knife."

    A week ago Jackson released a "how to" makeup video on YouTube. In it she's funny, even silly. And the 15-year-old, with great natural beauty, at times acts like any other teenager, unsure of herself.

    Hours before the 911 call Jackson tweeted "I wonder why tears are salty?" and quoted the Beatles "yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. now it looks as though they're here to stay." CNN's Alan Duke says, "Paris is a very sensitive and dramatic child; a teenager, 15-years-old, the emotions that come with that."

    Jackson, along with her grandmother Katherine and her siblings are suing concert promoter AEG for the wrongful death of her father. Twice, she's been questioned. Jackson family attorney Kevin Boyle says, "Paris Jackson was asked intimate details about her father and her father's death. It was a very intense situation."

    A tough situation for any kid, but tougher yet for one who has spent much of her life in the spotlight.

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