TRENDING: Girls gets lung transplant; Cat is born with two faces

    10:03 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here's a look at what's trending today on the web!

    Pa. girl who took on donor rules gets adult lungs

    Sarah Murnaghan, a Pennsylvania girl with Cystic Fibrosis, is getting a new pair of lungs. The ten-year-old was in transplant surgery this morning and was finally awarded the transplant after a whirlwind legal battle to waive a federal rule requiring recipients of adult lungs to be 12 years old or older. Sarah's mom posted on Facebook that the donor is Sarah's hero and thanked the donor for giving her the gift of life.

    World's oldest person dies in Japan at 116

    Kimura, the world's oldest man ever, died today at age of 117. Guinness World Records reported that he broke the record of "longest living man ever" in December of last year and was born 1897 -- the same year as Amelia Earhart. He's survived by 7 children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great grandchildren.

    Facebook introduces hashtags

    For the hashtag lovers out there, Facebook is finally joining in on the fun. Hashtags are the number signs used on Twitter and Instagram. Facebook said its users will be able to click a hashtag to see a feed of discussions between other uses on any given topic. Facebook said hashtags are a first step toward making it easier for users to find out what others are discussing.

    Two-faced kitten

    A cat with two faces is taking the internet by storm. An Oregon family said they got quite the shock when one of their kittens was born with two faces this week. The kitten's owner said despite its unusual appearance, the animal is healthy.

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