Winners & Losers: June 17, 2013

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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - We've noticed a pattern with Winners & Losers. You've been starting with Hollywood all summer. Hollywood banks on the summer blockbusters, so we have been tracking performances, and Monday, it starts with Superman.

    The Man of Steel was the man of cash and the man of winners. The Superman debut brought in $113.1 million this weekend. That's the highest debut on record for a movie in June. However, I saw it, and I must tell you, and the risk of getting old and cranky comes with movies being too loud, too destructive, and too over the top. But, the cast is good.

    If only Sarah Fortner had Superman to save her Friday night from having to throw out the first pitch at Dickey-Stephens Park for the Travs game. But, you know what? Even though it was a wild pitch, the kid's got spunk. We like spunk around here. Sarah's a winner.

    If only Sarah had gotten tips from Hall of Fame player Brooks Robinson, who threw out the first pitch at Saturday's game at Lamar Porter Field. He drew the biggest crowd at the ballpark since the World Series of Softball in 1949. He launched a capital campaign that looks to raise $4.9 million to refurbish that area. Lamar Porter Field is a winner.

    Shadow Creek Subdision in Austin is not so lucky. A neighbor is protesting development with a toilet display. He's got two toilets and a sign and anger issues, and residents next door have to look at all that, and the whole thing is flush with a loser tag.

    But, there are good neighbors out there. Nikki Jastrebski is the winner who found a wallet in the Buffalo River two weeks ago, and got it back to the owner who had lost it 10 years ago!

    And, now on to a new category--a loser that turns into winner. After Memorial Day, somebody disposed of the small flags decorating graves by just dumping them in the trash. I don't care how small the flag is, you don't do that. We aired the story, and volunteers came out to re-set the flags, and right the wrong of improper disposal. Oak Grove Cemetery near Hot Springs is now a winner.

    Air Conditioning services are winners, too. It got hot last week. I know we had a mild weekend, but still, these guys had to have a good week.

    Harley Davidson is a winner. In honor of their 110th anniversary, they were blessed by the Pope in St. Peter's Square. Oh, and the riders got blessed, too. The next time you get behind a Harley, that exhaust you're seeing is holy smoke.

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