Okla. dog found 500 miles away from home

    11:48 AM, Jun 19, 2013   |    comments
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    GUTHRIE, OK (CBS/KWTV) -- Re-united and it feels so good. A dog owner in Guthrie has his best friend back at his side. Nearly a week after Lady Bird disappeared in Guthrie, her owner had given up hope that she'd be found, turns out she was on her own adventure three states away.

    The days after Lady Bird slipped out the front door seemed like forever. Her owner Allie Blevins says, "I went through a grieving process. I was talking to her and realizing that she wasn't there."

    Updates from animal control only brought more heartache. Meanwhile, Lady Bird was traveling the Heartland. Transients brought her along as they hopped a train out of Oklahoma.

    Luckily, a man along the way noticed her city dog tags and called Guthrie animal control. For a dog with such short legs- Lady Bird had travelled more than 500 miles to Boone, Iowa.

    The answer to getting her home was a trucker headed to the Sooner State who had room for the pooch.

    Along the Kilpatrick Turnpike, after seven days apart, Allie got the dog she's had for more than 10 years back. Allie says, "For two days she did nothing but put her head on his thigh and sleep. I'd die for her- that's just the way it is. She's family."

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