LR pig owner wins in court, gets to keep pet pig W.P. Sooie

    10:16 PM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A Little Rock pet owner scored a big win in court as she fought to keep her pot-bellied pig at home. This has been one of our most viewed stories on our website.  

    THV 11 first told our viewers about this story back in early May when the court battle began over this pet pot-bellied pig. It all wrapped up during a trial in Little Rock District Court on Thursday, with the pig known as W.P Sooie staying put with his Little Rock family.

    After court Thursday, THV 11 caught up with Jyll Latham and her Vietemese pot bellied pig, W.P. Sooie. Latham was feeling elated, knowing she can now keep the little guy at home. 

    "I am just so pleased and so excited that Judge Levertt saw it exactly as we had read it from the very beginning," Latham said.

    Judge Mark Leverett ruled Thursday Latham was not guilty of an alleged city code violation.

    The city argued that it's illegal having a hoofed animal like Latham's pig so close to her neighbors, but the city also has a separate part of code in the books, which grants exemptions for these kinds of pigs. The judge found the two ordinances conflicting as Latham argued in her case.

    "There was no 'see the next ordinance' or 'reference footnote there.' It specifically said they are allowed," Latham said.

    Latham said that she keeps her pet pig inside and feels he's just like one of her dogs. But, the arrival of W.P. Sooie didn't sit well with Neighbor Donald Rawls, who testified in the trial. In part of his testimony, he complained about the clean-up of the pig's waste.

    "She's not cleaning up properly," Rawls said. "I'm through with talking to her. I tried that already. I might have to try something else."

    Whether he'll take Latham to court in a separate case, Rawls doesn't know yet. Latham feels there's no case to fight. 

    "Do I do it every day? No. Do I do it on a regular basis? Absolutely," Latham said.   

    She's picking up after her pet, who is not going anywhere now but home.  

    We should note the clean-up issue was not part of the charges against Latham in the trial; it was just something that came up during testimony. Latham said beyond that one neighbor, she hasn't received any other complaints about her pig. 

    As for the city ordinances raised in this case, we don't know yet if the city plans to clear up the conflict raised by the judge.  

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