Odd News: Drive-thru funeral service

    10:20 AM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- You don't always have to get out of the car during a funeral. A funeral home in Virginia now offers an option for a drive-thru visitation.

    We like our drive-thru fries, and we like our drive-thru lattes. But will we rest in peace at a drive-thru funeral? Funeral home director Carl Eggleston says, "We just offer the families something different, so they have options."

    The option of having the deceased in the casket viewed by mourners driving by, as one online poster put it, "for when you don't care enough to get out of the car." But Carl Eggleston doesn't see it that way. He says, "It's designed for people who have disabilities or during inclement weather."

    When Eggleston renovated his funeral home in Farmville, Virginia, he added big windows low to the ground, and now, if you pay for a traditional funeral, he'll throw in the drive by option.

    The last time we heard the words "funeral" and "drive-thru" together, it was when a funeral procession went through a Burger King drive-thru to honor the deceased, a Pennsylvania man who loved fast food so much that his family paid tribute by stopping off for whopper juniors on the way to the cemetery.

    Even the deceased got a burger, which was placed on his casket and buried with him, but lest we bury our lead, back at Eggleston's, no one has yet opted for the drive-thru visitation.

    This isn't the first time a funeral home has offered drive-thru services. The most famous one has operated for 40 years in the car culture of southern California.

    The Adams funeral home in Compton is what inspired Carl Eggleston when the Los Angeles times profiled its drive-thru visitation.

    The funeral home says it's especially convenient when the deceased is well known and there are lots of mourners. Eggleston says, "One little etiquette tip, when someone's laid out at a drive-thru funeral, lay off the horn."

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