Danick Adams murder still unsolved five years later

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    Photo Gallery: Danick Adams' murder still unsolved 5 years later
     PDF Document: Danick Adams reward poster offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of her killer.

     PDF Document: Danick Adams Police Report at the time of her murder in August 2008.

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  • LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - On August 15, 2008, a young mother was gunned down and left to die outside a Jacksonville fitness center. Nearly five years later, there have been no arrests and no suspects in Danick Adams' killing. Her family said Danick has received no justice, and in a THV 11 Extra, her mother told THV 11's Dawn Scott that she wants answers.

    "She was real pretty and real sweet, and she had a big heart," recalled Amy Stivers. "Everybody who met her loved her."

    Pictures and memories are all that is left of 18-year-old Danick Adams.

    "She loved movies and loved animals and loved kids," added Stivers. "She had a lot of friends, and she was just a beautiful blonde girl."

    She was a young single mom with a new baby girl, ready for the adventure of raising her.

    "This is a picture I had up on a wall where I would go and kiss her all the time," Stivers said, as she shows a photo. "That's why there are kisses all over it."

    Adams' murder left Stivers with a well of unbearable and never-ending grief.

    "It comes up on me, like it's about to right now," described Stivers. "It comes up, and... you just can't stop it. It just comes up. It's an overwhelming pain."

    It was 2 a.m. when Danick and a friend walked out of a Jacksonville fitness center. That friend told police that a man came from the bushes, pulled a gun, and demanded purses, cell phones, and Danick's car. They did what he said, according to police, but the suspect then shot and killed Danick. Stivers said none of it makes sense.

    "She had another little girl with her," said Stivers. "Why didn't they try to shoot at her? Why was it all Danick? Five times? That's personal. That's mean. That's somebody who wanted her dead."

    Danick's friend called 911, but Stivers said she believes the girl may know more than she is saying.

    "I know that the truth will set someone free," said Stivers. "If you're living with a lie like that, especially one knowing who murdered my daughter, if you're living with that, it's got to be eating you up."

    Within an hour of the killing, police spotted Danick's car, blocks from the killing. They pulled the car over, but the man driving jumped out and ran. He was never seen again.

    The days following, family and friends grieved while police poured over physical evidence recovered from her car. Despite pleas for help including a billboard and a $5,000 reward, five years passed by with no arrests. Lead Jacksonville investigator Detective Cassie Blackerby said it's frustrating.

    "This is the death of a young mother, and we want to find her killer," said Det. Blackerby. "They're out there, and somebody has information that can lead us to them."

    "No justice," Stivers said. She is now dedicated to solving her daughter's killing. Stivers works as a victims' advocate for the organization Parents of Murdered Children.

    "I basically help other parents that have been through this," Stivers explained.

    She won't stop trying until she uncovers the truth; until there is justice for her daughter.

    "I want to solve this case for her," Stivers said. "I want to know who killed my daughter. I want to know why, and I want to look at them and ask, 'What happened in your life that was so bad that you had to take hers?' And, I don't think I'll be able to rest until I know."

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