Addressing police, public tensions after officer-involved shooting

    11:07 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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     PDF Document: 2012 Homicides

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - An officer-involved shooting Monday led to increasing tensions between parts of the Little Rock community and police. Now some lawmakers are looking for solutions.

    There are several theories why so many people came out to protest Monday's officer-involved shooting. Some said misinformation about the victim's age led to the outrage. Others THV11 talked to claimed to have lost loved ones in previous officer shootings. No matter the reason, community leaders said the protest clearly showed a desperate need for a conversation.

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    "The police is killing us, and they killing us at a fast rate," protestors yelled Monday. "I am a voice for Michael Daniel. I'm a voice for Denzel Hobbs. I'm a voice for Bobby Moore. I'm a voice for all the young and old black men, Mr. Eddison, that they have killed. That is who I am."

    Three gun shots by a police officer led to one man dead and an outraged community protesting in a standoff that lasted for hours.

    "Let's have this conversation," said Arkansas Representative Fredrick Love.

    Love represents District 29 in southwest Little Rock. He addressed his community at the capitol Monday night at the 'Vigil for Justice', an event that quickly turned its attention to the officer-involved shooting on 12th Street.

    "The policemen are seeing it one way, the community is seeing it one way, and they are not looking at what they share in common," said Love. "Another issue is also resolving the black-on-black crime issue."

    In 2012, Little Rock Police responded to 47 homicides within the city. Four of them involved officers, and 18 of them resulted from black-on-black crime.

    When it comes to police, Representative Love believes fear is breeding most of the hostility from the community, and the only way to solve it is to listen.

    "The next step is to have a true, meaningful dialogue to allow people to come out and express themselves because until you get past that point, I don't think you can even look for solutions," added Love.

    Since Monday's shooting THV11 has learned that Officer Terry McDaniel, a 26-year-old, black male, is who shot and killed Deon Williams after authorities said Williams ran from police and pulled out a gun. This is not the first time Officer McDaniel has fired his weapon on duty. Last May, he shot and killed Charles Edward Murry, Jr., during a robbery attempt after police said Murry pulled out a gun. An investigation declared that shooting justified.

    The department said they have had eight officer-involved shootings since January 2012. Right now, McDaniel remains on paid administrative leave pending two investigations--one by the prosecutor's office and another by LRPD.

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