Mars rover engineer 'Mohawk Guy' makes NASA cool again

    10:51 AM, Aug 7, 2013   |    comments
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    NEW YORK (CBS) - The Mars "Curiosity" rover has just marked its first year on the red planet. It's also been a year since the world met the man known as "Mohawk guy."

    Bobak Ferdowsi had been working at NASA for a decade, when he suddenly rocketed to fame. He had an exclusive interview Wednesday morning on CBS This Morning. But here's a look at his meteoric rise.

    They called the Mars rover's run up to touchdown "seven minutes of terror, " but with $2.5 billion and the storied agency's reputation on the line, those seven minutes held a double meaning for NASA's mission control.

    The hugs and high fives were watched by millions, but it was one young engineer whose stars and stripes decorated "doo" became an overnight sensation. "Mohawk guy", as he came to be called, suddenly turned rocket scientists from pocket protectors to punk rockers even president obama couldn't resist. President Obama said, "I've in the past thought about getting a mohawk myself. My team keeps discouraging me."

    Ferdowsi was invited to the president's inaugural parade and was the guest of the first lady at the state of the union. Mohawk guy had become the face of a younger, hipper NASA.

    Soon he had more than 60,000 following his twitters account with some even tweeting marriage proposals. His now famous hairdo became the subject of internet memes and starred in videos both silly and sincere.

    Ferdowsi achieved a feat many thought impossible, Mohawk guy made NASA cool again.

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