TRENDING: Coffin Skydive; Bear jet skis

    9:31 PM, Aug 8, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here's a look at what's trending today on the web!

    Escape artist pulls off locked coffin skydive

    An escape artist really pushed the limits just outside Chicago. The man did his best Houdini impression as he was handcuffed and locked into a box, being called the flying coffin. Once he was locked in, fellow skydivers pushed the box out of the plane at more than 14,000 feet. He had just minutes to unlock those handcuffs and open the box.

    Here's A Bear On A Jet Ski, Enjoy

    We all know about the water skiing squirrel, but what about a bear? A little bear tried to get on a jet ski in Alaska. A fishing guide nearby caught the furry fellow in action and snapped some pictures. No word on where the bear was going, but the worker said bears are common along the dock and were probably looking for fish.

    'Sandlot' actor arrested in airport incident

    Actor Thomas Guiry, better known as "Smalls" from the cult-classic movie "The Sandlot," was arrested in Houston last weekend for head butting a police officer. The incident happened at a Houston airport. According to police, United Airlines employees reported an unruly passenger whom they said was too drunk to board the plane. While he was being restrained, police said Guiry head butted the responding officer in the face.

    Ellen DeGeneres Show's Sophia Grace to Star in Into the Woods

    Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie are the British kids who became famous singing Lady Gaga songs and wearing pink dresses and tiaras on Ellen's talk show. Now, Sophia Grace has landed her first acting job. Her uncle tweeted that she'll play Little Red Riding Hood in the movie version of the musical "Into the Woods." He didn't say if Rosie got a part, too.

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