Surprise! Man buys his old guitar again

    11:36 AM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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    GREEN BAY, WI (CBS/WFRV) - When a Fox Cities man wanted to recapture a piece of his youth, he turned to the Internet to do some shopping. When the box arrived, he got quite a surprise.

    In 1964, Gary Arndt saved up and bought a guitar. He says, "It was a lot of money then for me, $300 a lot for me then in '64."

    He used it to play around the world with his band of Navy brothers. He says, "There was a guy in the band that really wanted to buy this one and he offered me more than double what I paid for it. When you are young you think, 'Oh the money is great.'"

    That guitar shipped out with his friend, but it was never far from Gary's mind; he says he regretted it immediately.

    Later in life he set out on a search to find a guitar just like the one he sold more than 45 years ago. He says, "I just wanted to replace it and have another one like it. I liked the way it sounded."

    After years of searching online, Gary found a Gibson B 2512 through a dealer in Loveland, Ohio. Arndt says, "I struck a deal with the guy and had to pay dearly for it."

    The box arrived at his door and Gary's fingers went to work. But something about this particular guitar struck a chord with him. Arndt says, "I took the flashlight and looked in and thought, 'Oh my God there they are.'"

    Gary's initials and his military ID etched on the inside of the instrument. Arndt says it was like, "Winning the lottery to me. Money is nice but this is better."

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