Cops plan to handout Doritos at Hempfest

    5:48 AM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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    SEATTLE, WA (CBS/KIRO) -- As organizers get ready for the world's biggest pot festival, Seattle police are getting ready as well. This is the first of 22 Hempfest celebrations where marijuana is legal but there are still rules.

    Sgt. Sean Whitcomb says, "Our job, we want to eliminate the confusion, we want to make the rules clear, we want to set expectations."

    And they're turning to irony and humor to get that message out. They know potheads will ignore a flyer with rules and regs, but the munchies? Hard to ignore that. Whitcomb says, "This operation is informally called operation orange fingers. Like I said Doritos to the rescue."

    A thousand bags of Doritos will be given out at Hempfest Saturday attached with a card with information on the new pot laws and a link to the SPD website explaining the rules.

    For instance, smoking outdoors can get you a ticket but in most cases that will not be enforced. Whitcomb says, "That said, people who are under 21, people who drive under the influence they should look out for us, we'll enforce those laws. People who are distributing marijuana that's still a felony."

    Hempfest organizer John Davis is all for it. He says, "It might be valuable, it's a good outreach effort and I applaud the police for reaching out to the crowd."

    But Belltown Community Council President Elizabeth Campbell doesn't like it. She says, "I'm very happy to have them talk to people coming and going from Hempfest about the law I just would ask them not to be passing out Doritos."

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