TV on the Web: 'I quit' video inspires viral response

    9:55 AM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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    Today's Pick: An Interpretive Dance From Next Media Animation Set To Kanye West's Gone on YouTube

    The Topic: Young journalist Mariana Shifrin may have quit her job at Next Media Animation, but she's still helping the Taiwan-based production company create viral content. In case you missed it, Shifrin told the viral video company 'I quit' with her very own viral dance video (over 8 million views and counting).

    Here's the video:

    And now, NMA has taken a dance break of their own to let the world know "we're hiring." Check out NMA's video response above and Shifrin's original video below. (Adult Content due to the fact that both videos are set to Kanye West's song Gone, which contains a few bad words.)

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