Latest Banksy work in New York a hidden treasure

    11:03 AM, Oct 10, 2013   |    comments
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    NEW YORK (CBS) -- This crowd is crazy for the street artist known as Banksy. His latest work appeared today on the Lower East Side where he used the side of a truck and a car as his canvas. Fans were even willing to climb over a barbed wire fence to get a closer look.

    All we know is that Banksy is British and his controversial work has appeared on walls across the world. While much of his work is immediately painted over by business owners, or tagged by other graffiti artists, sometimes it makes its way to auction houses selling for millions to collectors like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

    Banksy appeared in disguise in a documentary saying selling his work was never the goal. In a documentary on his work "Exit Through The Gift Shop", Banksy said, "Everything was going a bit crazy and suddenly it became about the money but it never was about the money."

    He communicates with his fans through social media giving them hints about where his next creation will appear. For October he's focused on New York, unveiling a new piece each day but it's up to his fans to find the art.

    Banksy fan Perry Levy says the search is exciting, "The excitement is on the same scale as a treasure hunt for buried treasure."

    And we do mean buried. The latest piece with the horses was covered in a blue tarp for days even local business owners had no idea what was being created.

    Banksy plans to do this every day until the end of October. So his fans have 22 more times to chase down his work. After that who knows where his art will pop up.

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