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    Victim helps burglar who cuts arm while breaking in

    11:58 AM, Nov 18, 2013   |    comments
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    SALT LAKE CITY, UT (CBS/KUTV) -- Pablo Solorio of Salt Lake City said his family woke up to the sounds of a person screaming for help on Thursday morning.

    The strange thing was the screams were coming from inside the house. Pablo locked his bedroom door to protect his girlfriend from what was clearly an intruder. His stepfather came out of his bedroom and found a young man standing in the hallway. "The kid was screaming hysterically. It was pretty bad," said Pablo who came out of his room and saw the young man bleeding heavily from the arm. His stepfather helped him to the bathroom and used a towel to wrap the deep wound.

    Pablo followed the blood trail to the living room where there was broken glass too. The young man apparently bashed the window with his arm and broke into the house. In the process, he sustained a deep cut on his arm.

    The family called 911. Police arrived and called for medical help. Pablo recognized the intruder as someone who lived in the neighborhood. "He was saying 'It's so good to see you, so good to see you.' And I said, why? You broke into my house. I'm not happy to see you right now," said Pablo who added that he didn't have hard feelings toward the intruder and hoped he would heal from his wound.

    He didn't think he would have physically hurt the family. At the same time, the family had to pull out carpets and throw out their couches as they were drenched in blood. "He made us go through a lot of anxiety," he said.

    Police took the intruder to the hospital where he received stitches. Officer Dennis McGowan with Salt Lake Police said as soon as the intruders recover, he'll likely be charged with burglary.

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