Arkansas couple inspiring others

    11:39 PM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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    Video: Arkansas couple inspring others

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    Pine Bluff News:

    UNDATED (KTHV) - Imagine being told you need a kidney transplant. Then, you learn your spouse needs one too. What are the odds? It happened to one Arkansas couple.

    Side by side, through sickness and in health, Annie and Lien Davis are inspiring others.  

    It's a marriage vow the Pine Bluff couple cherishes. They call it a promise, a dedication and a commitment. 

    "I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world," laughs Lien.

    It's been 36 years since Annie and Lien Davis said "I do."

    Three children and a whole lot of life later, one of their greatest obstacles came last year.

    Baptist Health Hospital's Dr. Scott Young says, "They both developed renal failure and they both ended up on our waiting list for a kidney within a very short period of time."

    That's right, both husband and wife needed a kidney transplant. They waited, fervently prayed and hoped for a miracle. 

    "I was swelling. I got where I was out of breath. I couldn't walk long distances," remembers Annie. 

    All while Lien was dealing with the same health problems. Then, within a few months of each other, their prayers were answered.
    Both got their transplants.

    Annie says, "Our church members, our friends. They were there for us. They prayed for us. And we are grateful for that."

    Dr. Young calls this couple unique. He says the chances of both a husband and a wife needing a kidney at the same time rarely happens. 

    "These kidneys are donated when there is a tragedy. When someone loses a loved one, usually it's an accident or a stroke."

    Statistics show an average of 18 people die every day waiting for an available organ. Dr. Young and the Davis' hope their story will encourage other Arkansans to become donors.

    They says their bond is built on faith and perseverance 

    Annie says, "I just thank God for everything."

    Click here for how to become an organ donor.

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