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    House recess risks new Farm Bill

    11:42 PM, Dec 12, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - An early skirmish in next year's election battle in the U.S. Senate is playing out over a new farm bill.

    Democratic Senator Mark Pryor wants his Republican rival representative Tom Cotton to stay in Washington next week to hammer out a new bill.

    Committees from both the House and Senate are working out differences in their versions, but the House plans to recess Friday, meaning they probably won't resolve it in time.

    "It sounds like they're very close. They still have a few issues to work out but if the House would stay here and get it done, we could have a farm bill this year," said Sen. Mark Pryor

    In a statement sent to THV11, Cotton said he would support a temporary extension of the current bill while the two chambers finish their negotiations.

    He went on to fault Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for failing to hold a vote on a farm bill that isn't, in his words, loaded down with $670 billion in food stamps.

    If the current temporary bill expires, prices for things like milk could spike.
    Experts say milk could be as much as $7 a gallon.

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