Wind rips through neighborhood, damages homes in Redfield, Arkansas

    10:41 PM, Dec 21, 2013   |    comments
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    Photo Gallery: Storm damage in Redfield, Arkansas

    REDFIELD, Ark. (KTHV) - Officials in Jefferson County have been checking on residents after storms rolled through the area on Friday night. Strong winds hit several homes in Redfield.

    "There was no warning," said Melinda Elliott, Deputy Coordinator for Jefferson County's Office of Emergency Management. "It lasted maybe three minutes."

    It began with rain, but when the rain stopped, wind ripped through the neighborhood.

    "Well we started receiving some calls around 6:30 last night of some wind damage, trees down," Elliott said. "We had seven homes that were damaged."

    The storm caught 70-year-old Billy Elliott by surprise.

    "I was sitting at my dining room table eating a sandwich...had the front door open and the window raised," he said. "I realized it wasn't rain; it was wind. It sounded like a freight train, running about 80 or 90 miles an hour."

    It tore plywood from his roof. Friends and family members helped him cover up the leak with a tarp, but the damage continued in the backyard. Debris, trash bins, and tin was scattered everywhere. The swing set from his next-door-neighbor flew into a tree in his front yard.

    "We've been going around to assess the damage to see if there's any more roadways that need to be cleared," Melinda Elliott said.

    She said the police, fire and county road departments have worked together to clear debris, move fallen trees and place tarps on leaking roofs.

    No one was injured during the storm. The National Weather service will visit on Sunday to fully assess the damage.

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