Park Hill moves closer to selling alcohol in restaurants

    6:48 PM, Dec 31, 2013   |    comments
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    North Little Rock News:

    NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It's been more than a month since the highly publicized vote in Park Hill. Yet, no one is serving alcohol in the North Little Rock neighborhood. Excitement, it seems, has died down.

    Chamber of Commerce President Terry Hartwick has remained optimistic.

    "I think there are some good things that are going to be happening in the Park Hill area," he said.

    For over 40 years, restaurants in the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock have been alcohol free.

    "We've been telling people 'no, you can't' as far as being able to serve beer or wine with your meal," Hartwick said. "Ideas changed, people have changed, the whole world has changed since 1966."

    After 85 percent of the neighborhood supported the change, the Pulaski County Election Commission certified the results on Nov. 25th. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board is accepting applications for liquor permits.

    "I can tell you point blank we've had people call asking about 'what do I do now, are there places available?' They want to open a restaurant, sports bar, so forth," Hartwick said.

    Only one Park Hill business has actually applied for a beer permit: the Kum & Go on JFK.

    After submitting an application, businesses must wait 30 days before they can receive their licenses.
    Manager of Rosalinda's, Jose Santos, said he plans to send his application in soon.

    "Customers they ask me a lot if you're going to be selling beer and stuff like that and I tell them 'Yes, for you'," Santos said.

    Kum & Go plans to stock their shelves with alcohol around Jan. 20th.

    Hartwick said once businesses start applying, Park Hill will start to see expansion.

    "I really think you'll see a sports bar come, I think there will be more walkability on the west side of JFK," he said.

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