Check It Out: Antifreeze turns solid in sub-zero temperatures

    8:10 AM, Jan 7, 2014   |    comments
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    ST. CLOUD, MN (CNN) -- A rather unusual the experiment took place in St. Cloud, Minnesota where sub-zero temperatures are being recorded. A photojournalist set out to discover just how long it would take antifreeze to freeze.

    Someone with StormChasingVideo.com said, "Here's used anitfreezed from a vehicle that's about 10 years old. Here's what it's rated for. It's about 20 below zero on it. Let's see how long it takes to freeze. The antifreeze here just came out of a heated garage. It's about 40 degrees above zero."

    Now, check out the time-lapsed video. It clocks the length of time the anitfreeze actually sat in sub-zero temperatures.

    Look closely at the experimental jar. You can see the antifreeze change form. And within minutes, the results are in. The photojournalist said, "This antifreeze was just tested at 20 below zero for its protective quality. In about a half an hour time, it froze into this slushy toxic mess. If you don't have the right antifreeze for this temperature, this is what's going to happen inside your engine."

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