Caught on camera: Calf rescued from frozen pond

    3:09 PM, Jan 13, 2014   |    comments
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    BOISE, ID (CNN) -- A calf that fell through the ice into a pond is expected to be fine thanks to a group of firefighters. The Boise, Idaho, firefighters rescued the calf last week and their heroic efforts were captured on one firefighter's helmet camera.

    Firefighters worked tirelessly to rescue a 300 pound calf that walked onto the ice of this pond and fell through.

    As soon as crews arrived on scene they began chipping away allowing the animal to get closer to the shore.

    Ice rescue was called out after owners who tried to save the calf fell in as well. Capt. Ron Christensen said, "They were able to pull him to the shore. At that time they realized what a hardship it is for getting anything out of the water over that icy thin shell."

    Captain Christensen says because that area of the pond was only four feet deep they were able to immediately pull themselves out. But he says if it was any deeper they likely would have been stuck in the water with the calf.

    Firefighters say most of their ice rescues involve pets, but can quickly turn to people who are trying to save them. Christensen said, "We know your tunnel vision wants to drive your mind to that dog or pet and assist them in any way you can. I just urge you to stop call and we can come help."

    The footage from this helmet cam eventually shows how crews were able to get the calf out of the water and start giving it much need oxygen.

    Crews say the calf was swimming in the water so long it had become severely exhausted.

    But they say it appears the calf is going to be fine.

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