'Twinsanity': Penn. high school basketball team has 4 sets of twins

    11:44 AM, Jan 20, 2014   |    comments
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    PITTSBURGH, PA (CNN) -- The odds of having identical twins is three in every 1,000 births worldwide. Apparently those odds apparently don't apply to Allderdice High School, because on their basketball team, seeing double is the norm.

    Coach Buddy Valinsky said, "It's hard for me 'cause sometimes I really don't know which kid to yell at, and that's where the odd point is 'cause during the game they have a number, but still on the floor after the game I can't remember which one that really made a good play or made a bad play."

    Don't worry coach, it's easy to get confused. Let's see there's Timmy and Jimmy, Kenny and Keith, Javaughn and Davaughn and the least confusing of the bunch, paternal twins Juwan and Jalen that crew makes up the budding high school following "twinsanity".

    Twin Davaughn Moultrie said, "On the court it's a twin thing. I mean, we know our strengths, each other's strengths and it's fun."

    On the court, it's not just the twins who get it done...there's a spectacular blend of supporting characters who make up this one-of-a-kind team, but there's just no denying how unbelievably rare, albeit cool, this collection of clones is. Keith said, "Beginning of this year, it just hit me when we started playing and they made the name twinsanity, and I thought like wow, that's amazing. There's really three sets of twins on my basketball team."

    Javaughn added, "I mean we all can ball and come together. We know each other, we play with each other, we challenge each other, and we just love to be out there on the floor together. It's a blessing to be out there, just to play together, it's good."

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