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    'Weird But True' headlines

    7:51 AM, Jan 22, 2014   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- From the world's deepest hotel to a zoo cutting bananas from monkey's diets, 'THV 11 This Morning' catches you up on some Weird But True headlines.

    An old mine shaft in Sweden is proving to be a popular choice for overnight guests looking to get away from it all.

    Sweden's 'Silver mine suite' is located 500 ft. below ground, and the only way to get there is via a 5-minute elevator ride down an abandoned mine shaft.

    In the room itself, there's no TV, Wi-fi or even a toilet. But somehow it goes for about 650 euros per night, and is extremely popular. Couples have been known to propose down there, and the room has already been booked for Valentine's Day.

    Did Mars rover Opportunity order a jelly doughnut?

    Not quite, but scientists are baffled by a white rock with a dark red low spot in the middle that "just plain appeared at that spot" on the planet where the rover is situated, says Steve Squyres, lead scientist of the Mars Exploration Rover mission.

    In recent weeks, Opportunity took photos of the same spot on Mars, 12 days apart. The rover's panoramic camera showed only barren bedrock on mission day 3528 (in Mars time), but on day 3540, a photo of the same scene revealed the mysterious, doughnut-shaped rock.

    Squyres showed photos of this ghostly geological dessert at a recent NASA event celebrating 10 years since the Spirit and Opportunity rovers landed on Mars.

    Imagine a 3D printer that can actually build houses! One University of Southern California professor claims to have done just that.

    It's called contour crafting and the professor says it has the capability of building a 2500 square foot custom home in just 20 hours.

    The 3D printer lays out concrete and interlocking steal bars when building a structure.

    It can also build a multi-story home equipped with plumbing, electrical networks and tile flooring. No word on when this technology will be available for real-world use.

    If you are a monkey, you probably want to stay away from the Paignton Zoo in England.

    That's because officials there have put their monkeys on a banana-free diet! That's right, no bananas! Apparently the fruits are too sweet and sugary.

    They've weaned the monkeys off of fruit and onto a more vegetable-focused diet because it is healthier for the primates.

    Zoo representatives said the monkeys are adjusting well and the new diet has improved the condition of monkeys' coats and helped decrease aggressive behavior.



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