Google Glass in the OR: Seeing through your doctor's eyes

    6:56 PM, Feb 5, 2014   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- To kick off American Heart Month, a Baptist Health cardiologist is using smart technology to improve his practice.

    Dr. Charles Caldwell from Baptist Health in North Little Rock let THV's Elle Mohs watch as he used Google Glass to help him check for blocked arteries to his patient's heart.

    Dr. Caldwell ran a catheter through his patient's artery to her heart to look for any signs of blockage. 

    "Most women think breast cancer is the big enemy," he explained. "But heart disease is far and away the number one killer of women in the world and in America."

    That's why the patient had the precautionary surgery after she suffered a slight stress heart attack. But while Dr. Caldwell performed the surgery, there was an odd fixture on his face: Google Glass.

    Using Google Glass, doctors are able to share their perspective of the procedure they are performing. Dr. Caldwell said, "Technology I think allows us to do our job better."

    Dr. Caldwell is the only doctor in Arkansas, of 1500 doctors across the country, integrating Google Glass into the operating room. He said, "What I used it for in this particular procedure is to take a video of exactly what I am doing ... you actually see exactly what the doctor's seeing."

    Giving a doctor's viewpoint offers a teachable moment. Dr. Caldwell said, "Teaching staff, teaching younger doctors, and in this case teaching the patient what the procedure is all about - I think it's a very valuable tool."

    Dr. Caldwell in particular finds value in the video. He said, "One of the things that I want to do with this is do a few procedural videos, and when I'm trying to explain to the patient, I can show them this video- and give them a better understanding of what exactly is going to happen to them."

    Google Glass video will later show Dr. Caldwell's patient how successful her heart cath was. He said, "I think having computing power, available to us right there instantaneously, is the way of the future."

    Dr. Caldwell was given Google Glass for a trial period through the Glass Explorer Program. He logs his experience from using the glasses back to the program.

    He also says other doctors using the glasses have created a medical forum to discuss better ways to use the glasses during surgeries.

    You can also call the Heartline for more information about heart health at (800) 482-1224. You can also go online at www.arcard.org.

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