The Young And The Restless: Tuesday, Nov. 27

    10:02 AM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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    Chelsea informs Adam that she's happy things are back to normal between them. When Chloe arrives, Adam demands she keep Kevin on a short leash or he'll end up in jail for harassment. Later, Chloe and Chelsea confide in each other about their relationships problems.  They decide to start a fashion business
    to get their minds off of their problems.

    Kevin asks Gloria for a loan to save his house, but she can't afford it. Later, Chloe pitches her clothing line idea to Kevin, but he reveals they need the money or they could lose their house.

    Jack insists on going back to work, but Phyllis thinks it's too soon. Phyllis brings up the kiss and doesn't want it to mess up their friendship. Jack overhears Adam asking their secretary for Jabot's financial folders.
    Adam and Kyle decide to put their differences aside since they are going to be working together. Adam
    leaves a voicemail for Sharon as Chelsea gets off the elevator.  Chelsea is bothered that Adam is so focused on Sharon.  Meanwhile, Jack makes a call to his doctor to get more pain pills.

    Neil informs Cane that Devon will be working at Jabot. Devon assures Cane that he isn't there to steal his job. Cane gets ready to show Devon around, but asks to run a few things by Neil first. A busy Neil suggests Cane discuss his ideas with Devon and then they can meet.  

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