LR officer-involved shootings are on par with Memphis PD

    6:15 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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    Photo: Mitch Lilly, THV 11

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Residents are calling for an end to police violence, but Monday's killing of an armed suspect was justified according to the Little Rock Police Department.

    THV 11 confirmed nine separate officer-involved shootings since January 2012. Seven of those involved a fatality, including 15-year-old Bobby Moore, who died last August. Compared to other cities in the region over that time period, Little Rock is basically on par per capita.

    Memphis has seen 27 police shootings in 18 months with 13 suspect fatalities. Little Rock has about one third the number of residents.

    Former LRPD commander Farris Hensley said these are always difficult situations for officers, and it's the last thing you hope for when you begin a shift.

    "It takes a toll to take someone's life, and quite frankly, it's something that one has to live with, under the best of circumstances, for the rest of their life. It doesn't get any worse," said the retired officer, who was involved in a shooting himself 30 years ago. "It occurs just that quickly, and in the time I said just that quickly, unfortunately that's about all the officer has."

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