NLR High's got big books and they cannot lie

    10:28 PM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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    Alex Gosser, Evan Peters, Eliysheba Evans-Williams, Alex Watkins (Photo: North Little Rock School District)

    NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Students at North Little Rock High School are proving to be a triple threat. They can sing, they can dance, and they make reading look cool.

    In order to motivate fellow students to read North Little Rock seniors decided to go old school in a modern way. They've become, an internet sensation thanks to a rap video, promoting literacy. Whoever thought reading could look this cool?

    Senior Class President Alexander Watkins said they wanted to be creative. Watkins and two of his classmates said, they were approached by teachers to make the video, and they jumped right in.

    "We just want to show kids just because you may be popular or just because you may not be quite as popular as you may want to be. It's still cool to be able to read," he said.

    In just one week, these high school students put together a music video that's gone viral on You Tube titled "I Like Big Books".

    For Senior Alex Gosser the message is personal. In third grade, he says he was placed in remedial reading.

    "In third grade for a little boy to hear that, that he's not on the same reading level as his friends is really discouraging. So, I would like to promote this because it's just a positive thing, and you know for a little kid reading can be hard, especially reading text books. It's a lot different, and so just to promote this video is something special to me," he explained.

    Alex's mom and North Little Rock Choir teacher Donna Gosser said the school produced the video to promote a grant they received, providing every student at North Little Rock High a Nook Tablet.

    "They'll read if they have something interactive in their hand and not necessarily a book and turning pages. You can't ever go wrong with reading a book, but this generation is more attracted to electronics," she explained.

    The production genius behind the project Eliysheba Evans-Williams said she's pleased with the final product.

    "Filming the whole thing, getting different angles. I love angles. I watch music videos and documentaries just to see how the techniques that they use, so that was my favorite part. Oh, and the guys of course," she said.

    The students will perform their act at all North Little Rock Elementary Schools and will be the half-time entertainment at an upcoming North Little Rock basketball game.

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