TRENDING: Bill Clinton gets a Twitter account; Cookie Monster arrested

    8:16 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here's a look at today's trending topics!

    Guan, 14, sits on cusp of history

    One story line leading into this week's masters is starting to buzz more and more online. We aren't talking about Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy. We're talking about 14-year-old Tianlang Guan.

    Guan, from China, is the second youngest player ever to play a major, and he is the youngest ever to play in a masters.

    He won a qualifier in Asia last year, and so far, he has been big hit in Augusta. Tuesday, he played a few holes with Tiger Woods and Tom Watson, and other professionals have come by to give him advice.

    Guan said Tiger Woods is the reason he got into golf.

    Woods, who is going for his fifth green jacket, said it's very humbling to see young players like Guan, but he also joked that it is kind of weird that he won his first masters before he was even born.

    My word! National Spelling Bee adds a vocab test

    If spelling some of the words in the National Spelling Bee sounded tough to do, the new rules to the competition sound even crazier.

    Students will now have to know the definitions of the words, and for the first time in its 86-year history, the National Spelling Bee is adding a vocabulary test to the competition.

    Spellers will take computer-based vocabulary tests in the beginning rounds, and those scores will help determine the semifinalists and the finalists. The onstage spelling rounds will still look the same.

    Stephen Colbert helps Bill Clinton join Twitter-verse

    Former President Bill Clinton is now on Twitter -- sort of.

    During an interview on last night's "Colbert Report," which was taped in St. Louis over the weekend, Comedian Stephen Colbert told Clinton he took the liberty of setting him up on Twitter.

    Clinton's handle is now @PrezBillyJeff.

    Colbert claimed it was the only handle left, and the 42nd president appears to be open to the idea. He tweeted after the show "I'm Bill Clinton, and I approve this tweet #notcolbertpretendingtobeme."

    As of this afternoon, the account had more than 88,000 followers; however, most of the tweets have been deleted.

    Cookie Monster, Elmo: Monster behavior in Times Square?

    Cookie Monster was in the news today, and his hand wasn't caught in the cookie jar. He didn't rob a bakery for cookies. No, Cookie Monster has been arrested for shoving a 2-year-old in New York's Times Square.

    The man inside the costume has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Police said he demanded $2 for a photo with the child, but the family refused to pay. A criminal complaint said the man shoved the toddler and yelled obscenities at the family.

    The man was freed on $1,000 bail and will be back in court May 1.

    The little boy said he is through with Cookie Monster.

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